What do you do here?

I think the most challenging thing about my job is that there is obviously no cure for heart failure so of course, when patients’ receive this news it can be truly devastating. It is heartbreaking to witness but it is my job to really help these people manage their symptoms and all the other things that can come with a diagnosis like this, for example anxiety and depression. We want to keep the patients as happy and healthy as we can for as long as possible and that involved dealing with all aspects of the illness, not just the diagnosis.

Of course it is very hard though, but I love working within such a specialist area and it is so rewarding to see that by working with the right people and providing the right advice to help them manage their new life, you can see improvements. I really wouldn’t change my job for the world.


Where do you live?

I live in Ulverston and I really love it. Not only is it really pretty but I couldn’t wish for anywhere better to bring up my son, Henry, who is four. We really take advantage of having the Lake District just on our doorstep and we’re always going for walks there, picnics and days out.

Henry is going to be starting school soon and just like every parent, you want to find the perfect place, but here, I really was spoilt for choice. I think that is such a big selling point for the area, especially for parents and those who are considering starting a family.

It is challenging, but I am enjoying being in a specialist area

Helen Fawcett – Heart failure specialist nurse

What do you do out of work?

The area is great for anyone who loves to be active. I do quite a bit of running, and running around a pretty area like this is beats sprinting on a treadmill any day and I’ve actually done the Coniston 14 times already.

I take Henry on a lot of walks too. There are some really nice places to take a stroll here like The Hoad beside the canal or the High Dam which is over in the Lake District. Even the parks here are lovely. Henry and I often go there too.



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