When did you first start working in healthcare & where did you do your training?

Well, I started around 20 years ago, so been doing this for quite a while now. I did training at Lakeland College in 1996 and worked in oscillatory.

What area do you live in and what are the benefits of living in that area?

I live close to the Lake District in Barrow. There’s so many outdoor activities and clubs to join. This is really important for my 2 boys who are quite sporty. Their school also holds various events too, which is great for them.

I try and do a lot with my family and it’s easy to have a good work life balance here. I love to cycle and go to the beach. At the moment, we’re currently getting a house extension so I do lots of DIY in my spare time.

What was it that made you want to go into the profession you’re in now?

Since I was little I dressed up as nurse. My mum was a nurse and I’ve always interested in the industry.

As a nurse practitioner, you can extend your skills and improve patients’ journeys and their satisfaction. I love supporting patients, they see the uniform and they open up their hearts.

What was it about the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust that made you want to come and work here, and when did you start working for the Trust?

I started in A&E in 1997. I left in 2011 as I was looking for a role in respiratory which wasn’t available at the time. Last year, a role came up as a nurse practitioner and I went for it! It was a great opportunity to work as an advanced practitioner in an area I am so passionate about and being able to progress in that field is amazing.

What are the benefits of working at this Trust?

I think, first and foremost, the best thing about this Trust is the fact I work in such a friendly team. They really are lovely and keep you motivated as we’re all keen to develop.

Throughout respiratory, we have a good nurse and doctor relationship. Everyone is very welcoming and there is great communication and support. We work as a team and everyone is made to feel welcome.

There are always new roles here and we’re still trying to evolve those efficiently. The team is very open and you can always put your ideas forward. Improving patient care is key for us and it’s incredible to be a part of that.

If you could choose 3 positive words to describe this Trust, what would they be?

  • Good teamwork
  • Motivated
  • Friendly

If someone considering starting a career at this Trust, what would you say to them?

We’re a small, very motivated and friendly team who welcomes all. Everyone just wants make things better and this is your chance to not only put your stamp on the Trust but on healthcare in general.

Outside of working here Morecambe and Cumbria have actually been described as the best places to live in a number of papers as we have no crime. There are busier places to live but this is such a great place to bring up the family.