I always think healthcare is in my blood, both my mother and grandmother worked within the industry, so I think I naturally migrated towards this profession myself. Seeing both of them care so incredibly for others was a real inspiration and I just knew it was something I wanted to be part of too. I’ve definitely been right to follow my heart though, I love my job so much and I really feel as though I have a purpose, it is so fulfilling to work within an industry that really does make such a difference.

Previous to UHMBT I had actually worked at another 25 hospitals, I know, a staggering number right?! But, it is this Trust that really stands out for me. It has such a high standard of care that is reflected to both patients and staff. Everyone is so dedicated to doing the very best they can for the patient whilst also supporting each other in their roles. Everyone here truly wants to make not only this Trust, but the healthcare profession in general a better, brighter thing to be part of, and it is incredible to see!
In terms of this Trust, I really like how the ages really vary. There’s a very good mix of people from all walks of life – different cultures, different ethnicities, different ages. This is something that has definitely changed over the last few years, and I think it is great. Everyone is different, but everyone is working together to achieve a common-goal. I think that also comes down to how inspiring our leaders are too. I know I have said it before, but we really do get so much  encouragement here. For example, even though of course the Trust is busy, I am currently studying for my PGC in clinical development and the amount of support I have received in doing so really is fantastic!

And it’s not just my job I love, living in the area is also wonderful. I live in Lancaster and everything is so close by. I really do feel as though I get the best of both worlds here. Manchester is only a short journey away, which is great for little city escapes and big shopping trips, but we’ve also got the most beautiful lakes, canals and countryside right next to us too. I think this makes it the most perfect place to bring up children too. I have a little two year old boy, and nothing quite compares to being able to bring them up in such a stunning place.

Plus, I’m quite an active guy so having the Lake District available to you whenever you want it for scenic runs, bike rides and hiking is great. I won’t lie though, I do have a gym membership too, but that’s because I love being involved with other sports such as squash and badminton.

So yes, if you’re looking for your next (or first) move into healthcare, come see us. I really do think you will love it and you will be welcomed with open arms.