What do you both do?

Seeing as we’re originally from India, deciding to move to Britain back in 2008 was a big step for us, but we are so happy that we did it. Not only did we move here to do our job as GPs (although we do work in two different practices), we also came so that we could sit on Cumbria’s clinical commissioning group.

At the moment, both myself and my husband live in Barrow where I work at Norwood Medical Centre as the cardiology lead whilst Arun works as the cancer lead in the Abbey Road Surgery. I think one of the most positive things about Furness is that because it is quite a large area there is plenty of opportunity for young people to develop there. I know Arun agrees too as he is always saying how good the area is for people that want to expand their skills past just general practice.

In terms of the the CCG, I would say that this is the more political side of being a GP as you look at all the financial aspects too. At first, I had never really considered myself as being the type of person who would sit in meetings and be vocal about all these kind of issues, but it’s been great and I find it so interesting. Since being here I really have learnt so much about myself.

We’re both actually part of the Better Care Together programme too and we’re really proud to have an input in how to improve the quality of healthcare as a whole. We all want to make the healthcare service the best it can be and it is so nice to be part of something so positive for the future.

Where do you live and what is it like?

Shortly after moving to Barrow, Arun and I decided that we wanted to start a family of our own and we now have a beautiful little boy Nishanth, who is seven.

It has been a lovely place to bring Nishanth up in. It is safe, the crime levels are low and we always feel very safe. We know most of the people around and everyone is so friendly, and we have never once felt out of place. It’s great!


The schools here are also very good. All of them. Personally, our little one goes to Chetwynde and it has been excellent, but honestly, you really cannot fault any of the schools here at all.

This is one of the things about Furness, there is a lot of chance for younger people to develop because it is quite a large area.

Arun Thimmiah & Sarah Arun – GPs

What do you do for fun?

Coming from India, I would say that we’re not exactly ‘outdoor people’, but moving to and living in the Lake District has completely changed that. It’s a beautiful place and it makes you want to go out and do things. Now we take part in a variety of different activities and it’s a great way to keep the entire family heathly.

Our son is especially active and is already a member of the Barrow Swimming Club so we have all started going swimming as a family too, so he can continue to practice. He is also planning on joining the athletics and cricket teams too, which he is very excited about. We’re even planning to have his next birthday at Go Ape which is in Grizedale Forest. If someone has told us a few years ago that we would be doing all this sporty type of stuff, we would have never had believed them!




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