Bay Medical Group is one of the largest GP mergers in the country. The Practice covers 61000 patients and is a merger of 4 Practices (Meadowside, Coastal Medical Group, Westgate Medical Practice and York Bridge Surgery) and now serves the whole of the Morecambe area and also one site in Lancaster.

The Lancaster Practice covers 54000 patients across Lancaster and is a merger of 4 Practices (Owen Road, King Street, Rosebank and Dalton Square).

Our area’s recently merged Practices can offer new and exciting opportunities for GPs and a career structure for those who wish to work in a larger organization which can offer specialization and different ways of working. Some Morecambe sites also attracted vulnerable Practice funding which allows GPs to access a bursary of up to £10000 for their first year.

Queen Square Surgery in Lancaster, Ashtrees Surgery in Carnforth and Windsor Road and Landscape Surgery in Garstang can offer GPs the opportunity to take up posts in a more traditional GP practice environment.

Within the Morecambe area we also have the Opening Doors 8-8 Service – this is where a group of local practices mainly from Morecambe have come together to offer a service to the patients during hours when the GP surgeries are closed, so 6.30-8pm Monday to Friday and then 8am – 8pm Saturday and Sunday

We have a local training Scheme which includes good local training practices and a supportive hospital.  The scheme is a 3 year teaching programme allowing trainees to develop the skills and knowledge that is required to work in general practice.