Our vision is:

“To be an effective and efficient organisation that delivers the best possible services for the people of Cumbria within its available resources, protects the vulnerable, and works with others in the community to shape services and help find solutions for the future.”

Our priorities are:

To safeguard children and support families and schools so that all children in Cumbria can grow up in a safe environment, and can fulfil their potential.

To support older, disabled and vulnerable people to live independent and healthy lives.

To enable communities to help shape their local services, promote health and wellbeing and support those in poverty.

To provide a safe and well managed highways network, secure infrastructure improvements and support local economic growth.

To be a modern and efficient council.

A copy of the Council Plan and Council Delivery Plan is available at http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/councilplan/2016/default.asp

Cumbria County Council employs over 6000 people. As an employer, we focus on equality, communication and people- friendly policies. We appreciate, reward and value your contribution and we’re looking for people who share our sense of pride.

We are proud to be a modern and flexible employer. We are developing our ‘Better Places for work’ programme that has a focus on improving working environments and practices to ensure high quality service delivery and value for money. This gives our employees increasing work opportunities and flexibility, from home working to travelling around an area, or working with partners in other locations.

Our commitment to equality is more than just an obligation. In making our jobs and opportunities available to everyone, we’re able to make the best choices from the broadest possible selection of people.

If you share our values and would like to make a difference to the people of Cumbria, then this is the place for you.

All of our services share the same basic principle. Put simply, we strive to make a positive difference to the people and communities we serve. We are passionate about the people we serve and the people who work with us are at the heart of what we do.

Our benefits:

We want our employees to get the most out of life. To strike the right work/life balance, we offer an excellent salary package, a great pension scheme and some excellent staff benefits.

Relocation package:

Moving house can be expensive and stressful especially if you are also starting a new job. In order to make this a little bit easier we offer a generous relocation package. There are allowances for lodgings, storage, removal, settling in allowance and money available to cover legal fees that you may incur in buying your own property.

Professional development:

We want you to reach your full potential. To help, we have a range of blended learning opportunities available to all employees, which will be relevant to your job.

Flexible working:

Our flexible working scheme allows you to manage your hours and plan your life more easily.

Annual leave:

Our annual leave allowance isn’t bad either. 25 days per year, rising to 30 after four years’ service.


The Local Government Pension Scheme provides you with a secure future income, independent of share prices and stock market fluctuations. The council pays, on average, twice as much into your pension as you do and regular cost of living increases

Childcare vouchers:

We’ve introduced a more flexible way for employees to meet childcare costs. You can chose to take part of your salary as tax-free and National Insurance exempt childcare vouchers, which could save up to £1196 a year.

Cycle to work scheme:

We’re committed to greener transport solutions. Part of our policy is to encourage employees to cycle to work. Our scheme entitles you to significant discounts on the price of a new bike and safety equipment.

Eye tests:

We provide all display screen users with a free eye test on request. We have a corporate eye care scheme which includes the eye test and a pair of glasses if required for display screen use.

Wellbeing for life:

We want to improve the well-being of our employees both in and out of the workplace. Our Well-being for life initiative provides information, help and ideas to raise awareness of Your health, Your safety, Your money, Your mind and Your time.


Special offers are available to Cumbria County Council employees from Virgin holidays, Vodafone, RAC amongst others.