Our Values – Genuine engagement of our staff is vital to our success and aspiration. Our core values provide us with the framework to create the right culture that supports our staff to be the best they can be and achieve better care together for the benefit of our patients.

What are our values?

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Values are deeply held beliefs about what is good, right and appropriate for both patients and staff.

Put simply this means our values are central to:

  • Providing safe, high quality care in both the community and hospital settings
  • Continually improving our services
  • Creating a great and safe place to work
  • Being caring and compassionate to patients and each other at all times.

Bringing the values to life means that the things that are described in words are experienced and felt on a day-to-day basis.

This relies on all staff acknowledging and accepting that they have an effect on the situations that they encounter daily and are able to make a positive contribution towards putting the values into action.


  • Mr Ian Johnson

Non-Executive Directors

  • Mrs Karen Crowshaw
  • Mr Doug Garrett
  • Mr Alan Roff
  • Mrs Michele Ibbs
  • Dr Malcolm McIllmurray
  • Mr Michael Hearty
  • Mr Mark Cullinan

Executive Directors

  • Mrs Wendy Swift – Chief Executive (Interim)
  • Dr Mark O’Donnell – Medical Director
  • Mrs Marie Thompson – Director of Nursing & Quality
  • Mrs Pat Oliver – Director of Operations
  • Mr Tim Bennett – Director of Finance & Performance/Deputy Chief Executive
  • Mrs Nicky Ingham – Director of Workforce & OD

What we can offer you

  • Positions for newly qualified staff
  • Preceptorship Programme in Year 1 & on-going development.
  • Specific focus on community working
  • Integrated/collaborative patient focussed working
  • Opportunities for training and further education
  • On going Leadership development programmes

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