What do we do?

The aim of the BCT Careers Hub is to work alongside local people, schools, colleges, education and training providers and employment support organisations and to inspire and engage our future NHS workforce. We are funded by Health Education North West to cover Cumbria and North Lancashire, providing information about NHS careers, signposting enquires and coordinating staff involvement and presence at local careers and engagement events.  The Careers Hub offers a unique opportunity to find out more about the educational and employment opportunities offered within the NHS whether you are part of our current staff or thinking about opportunities for the future.

We are working in innovative partnership with NHS organisations in Cumbria and North Lancashire in order to provide a wealth of opportunities for careers information and guidance.

Please contact us if you are interested in:

Staff Shadowing

Interested in finding out how another department works?  Want to see something new?  Different ways of working?  Best practice?  Please get in touch to discuss opportunities which are available.

Return to Practice Opportunities

Are you already a qualified nurse, but haven’t worked in the last few years?

The amount of retraining you will need to undertake in order to return will depend upon whether you have maintained your registration. If you have been out of practice but have not allowed your registration to lapse, then you may be able to return without the need to complete a Return to Practice course. You will still need some support though to return but this can be provided locally in NHS organisations, in the form of an induction period. For further information click here.

Work Experience

Work Experience within the NHS offers an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into the wide range of Health Care professions.  Did you know that there are around 350 different careers options within the NHS!

We offer opportunities for work experience across the region of Cumbria and North Lancashire. We offer two different types of work experience.

  • For participants aged 14-16years, we offer the Under 16 Work Experience Programme.  This lasts a maximum of one week.  The programme is specifically targeted at young people between the ages of 14-16 and focuses on bringing health situations to life through realistic simulated environments. The emphasis is on developing an understanding of a range of different NHS Health Care Careers.
  • For participants over the age of 16, we offer the 16+ Observational Work Experience.  This lasts for a maximum of one week and would be observational only.

If you are interested in either of these, please get in touch ruth.keeler@mbht.nhs.uk or have a look at the Work Experience section of the site to see which placements are currently available throughout Cumbria and North Lancashire.

Apprenticeship and Job Information

Careers Information