Why is research important to the NHS?

  • To help the NHS deliver and maintain high quality care and services
  • To help maintain the reputation of the NHS as a world leading health service
  • To meet the expectation of the public and government that the NHS conducts research and innovation
  • To maintain the professional development and ongoing education of our staff
  • To support the recruitment of high calibre NHS clinical leaders

Getting involved in research

All NHS organisations within Bay Health and Care Partners are research active and have a team of staff based in their research and development department who will be happy to provide support and advise on how you can get involved in research. They can also help signpost you to other organisations that they work with which may also be able to support or advise you.

All the NHS organisations are members of the NIHR North West Coast Clinical Research Network  https://www.crn.nihr.ac.uk/north-west-coast/

The NWC CRN provides support and funding to each of the NHS organisation to facilitate the delivery of research. Staff working in the NHS are encouraged to support research in whatever way they wish from actively recruiting people into clinical research to ensuring that patients are aware of research activity that they could take part in or simply signposting ongoing research.

For NHS staff with research ambitions there are good links to support organisations and academic partners to assist NHS staff to develop their own research proposals and studies.

The Lancaster University Health Hub helps to identify academic collaborators within Lancaster University who wish to support research activity in the NHS and also NHS collaborators for academic researchers.  http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fhm/health-hub/

For NHS staff looking for support to apply for research funding the NIHR North West Research Design Service (NWRDS) can help provide advice and support. http://www.rds-nw.nihr.ac.uk/

Cumbria University also work with all the NHS organisations to support research activity particularly related to nursing and AHP research http://www.cumbria.ac.uk/home.aspx

NHS staff through their day to day work can come up with many innovative ideas which can improve patient care. The North West Coast Innovation Agency can help support innovation work. http://www.innovationagencynwc.nhs.uk/