Our Better Care Together clinical strategy has been in development since 2012 and looks to implement new ways of working, meaning more people in our community will be cared for closer to or in their own homes, and fewer people will need to go to a hospital for specialist treatment.

Providers of health and care across ‘the Bay’ have been working on strategy to join up services for a number of years. We are now taking it to the next level and looking to ensure we are planning together for the benefits of the local population.

As Bay Health and Care Partners we are working as one team without walls, looking at ways of being as cost-effective as possible and reducing duplication – we want to make the ‘bay pound’ go further.

Working together we want to stop patients being unnecessarily ‘bounced’ around the system. We want patients to be seen in the right place, at the right time, by those best placed to help them.

The work of Bay Health and Care Partners has already been recognised nationally with additional funding awarded via the ‘vanguard programme’ for the further development of leading edge models of care.

It represents 11 health and care providers delivering care across the Morecambe Bay area – all with a shared vision of helping our local communities enjoy great physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Great progress has already been made. Ranging from a reduction in hospital referrals, through to patients not needing to travel as far through the use of ‘tele-health’ video technology.

By working together as Bay Health and Care Partners we will improve the quality of care; the patient and public experience; and the health outcomes of the population of Morecambe Bay.

Our ambition is to see a network of communities around Morecambe Bay enjoying great physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – supported by a health and care system providing care that is recognised as being as good as it gets.

To achieve this we will support the mobilisation of communities to improve their health and wellbeing, deliver high quality, continuously improving and compassionate care to everyone using our services – in a way which is sustainable in the long term.

We are one of 50 NHS Vanguards, receiving support from NHS England’s new NHS Transformation Fund, to explore and deliver new ways of working.

Our health professionals are at the forefront of these developments and for our workforce, this means a future full of opportunities including developing innovative ways of working across traditional boundaries, with new roles being developed offering the opportunity for career development.

Not only that, but there’s a location for everyone with the opportunity to work in some of the most stunning scenery in the country, or contribute in more urban areas in need of greater support. There is a real community feel across the NHS in North Lancashire and South Cumbria and a big welcome is always guaranteed for anyone coming to live and work here.